OA Winter Fellowship

OA's Winter Fellowship and Banquet

Friday, December 1st - Sunday, December 3rd.

This will be a weekend of pure fun and fellowship!! The weekend will be filled with many fun games, activities, and holiday spirit.  The coveted Iron Bear Award is back on the table for grabs. The Ouxouiga Chapter currently holds the award.  Besides the fun and games, there will be a Patch Trade-O-Ree, Cracker Barrel, Dirty Santa game (gift exchange valued between $5 to $15), and the Banquet held on Saturday night.

Come for the games, fun and fellowship, but stay for the awards, patches, and amazing food.  Lodge elections will be held Saturday afternoon.

Registration is $30 to attend.  If you paid for a 2023 full pass please email Robin at robin.richard@scouting.org and let her know you plan to attend.  You will also need to make sure you have paid your 2023 OA dues.

  • Winter Fellowship
    December 01, 2023 to December 03